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images exist, we offer on-site photography services. As new pieces are acquired or new information becomes
available, your database can be updated.

We gather as much information as possible regarding the contents of your collection. For
example: artist’s name, type of work, medium, size, estimated value and location. Forms
are available to assist in this process. Referrals to Art Appraisers are supplied when
warranted. This information is then compiled and married to photographs or scans of the
work as it enters your database.

If you already have slides or photographs of the work we scan them for inclusion. Where no
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A custom database is designed to suit your needs. The most common design allows the contents to be displayed in three formats:
single image page   
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multiple image page
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We provide you with a CD-ROM of your database. This
program is both Mac and PC compatible, and requires
no installations to run. Simple operating instructions are
included, and we provide additional tech support as

Hard copies of your inventory are also available. These
color catalogues are designed and bound as you see fit.
Many clients have their pages clipped into binders so they
can be easily reconfigured for use in relocation or sales.
Your database is searchable and easy to use. Any criteria contained within may be the subject of a search. For
instance, enter an artist’s name and you will see all of their work separately. Global functioning allows you to
access any information for other uses, such as making labels to affix to the back of pieces. A "notes" function
creates a scrolling notebook for each piece to record developing pertinent information.

Custom built to your specifications, our databases are flexible and can be modified at any time. You can add
new entries yourself or ask us for periodic updates.
See a sample database here.